NBC educates students on financial management

DAR ES SALAAM: THE National Bank of Commerce (NBC) has provided education on banking issues and the importance of cultivating a culture of saving to students of Tambaza Secondary School in Ilala, Dar es Salaam.

The bank’s initiative aims to provide opportunities for the students to learn from grassroots financial matters in order to cultivate a culture of saving, develop entrepreneurial ideas and understand how to use financial institutions to build their economy.

NBC’s Head of Operations, Ms Alelio Lowassa accompanied by Head of Customer Service, Ms Salama Mussa, Director of Audit Department, Mr Fulgence Shiraji and other officials, the team told the students that saving money helps them to set goals, and showed how earning interest helps money grow over time.

Ms Lowassa said the culture of saving aims at building financial awareness and skills among young generation, including those who are expected to complete secondary education and pursue higher education, as well as those who will enter the workforce.

“Financial education for students is important because it enables them to understand early on how to manage and control their finances, create and follow budgets, and make sound financial decisions. It also teaches them the importance of saving, investing and using credit wisely to these tomorrow’s entrepreneurs,” she said.

The training included presentations on various topics related to finance and entrepreneurship, as well as providing opportunities for the students to respond to and discuss various aspects related to the topics.

The school’s Headmaster, Mr Hussein Mavumba, expressed his gratitude to NBC for providing the training and the education that would benefit the students in the future.

“These kinds of sessions are very important; unfortunately, not all students have been able to receive it,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of their fellow students, Siti Omary and Erick Massawe thanked NBC for providing the training and promised to put it into practice, especially in the field of saving.

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