Nape wants ministry’s entities to spearhead digital economy drive

MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information technology, Mr Nape Nnauye on Saturday tasked institutions under his docket to play a facilitative role in promoting digital economy.

His emphasis was based on the fact that his docket has been entrusted with the task of spearheading the government efforts in building digital economy.

“Every institution should make its contribution towards building digital economy so that we can reach where President Samia Suluhu Hassan wants to,” he said.

Mr Nape issued the directives when he officiated at the opening of a forum held to mark the TEHAMA Day at the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF).

“The President has trust in us, and she has assigned us the task of managing and building the digital economy. We must have an organisational structure that is in charge of building a digital economy,” he said.

Mr Nape said in order to keep pace with the world’s fastest technological changes, the government has been reviewing and reforming digital structural and policy framework while upgrading ICT infrastructures, including the National Information Communication Technology Back Bone (NICTBB).

He said the country’s ICT development must attain Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless transactions; a cashless economy that encompasses mobile banking, digital wallets and credit card payments.

Mr Nape added that the government has been reviewing ICT policies and regulations to protect local start-up innovations and entrepreneurship.

“The target of the sixth phase government led by President, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan is to achieve digital economy. She has been insisting on coming up with relevant policy to fit the purpose,” Mr Nnauye said.

“So far we are in the final stage of formulating the National Digital Economy Framework that underlines the responsibilities of every stakeholder in enhancing the digital economy,” he added.

Mentioning the benefits of the digital economy, he said it will strengthen economic security and public service provisions by addressing corruption and theft.

Mr Nape said the reforms carried out by the institutions under the ministry such as the  Tanzania Standard Newspaper (TSN), Universal Communications Access Fund (UCSAF), Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and others in enhancing digital economy are important, asking them to continue to be innovative.

He commended all institutions including TSN for being creative and actively participating in the 47th exhibition, asking them to evaluate the exhibition and see how to make further improvements.

” I am asking you in this symposium today (yesterday) to talk about where you are stuck before bringing those  challenges to me so that I present them for review because our job is not only to make laws but even to delete those that we think are inappropriate.” he said.

The minister further issued directives to digitise DITF exhibitions in future, including ensuring that all areas at the ‘Sabasaba grounds’ are marked with postcodes for visitors to easily identify   pavilions of their choices.

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