Mwinyi upbeat over newly launched e-government

PRESIDENT Hussein Mwinyi on Sunday launched an integrated e-government system, expressing hopes that the move will improve services delivery and revenue collection in the Isles.

Dr Mwinyi officiated the launching during commemoration of this year’s UN Public Service Day here in Zanzibar.

In the course, he stressed on the importance of the Electronic Government (e-government) in transforming the operations of public sector institutions.

“We are making strides in digitalisation and strengthening the e-government aimed at transforming and improving public services delivery by increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of operations, expanding access to services, and achieving customer satisfaction,” he said.

E-Government services leverage on modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to provide an effective electronic public administration platform through which citizens and government’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) interact with one another.

It was explained that the Eighth-Phase Government under Dr Mwinyi  has developed a total of 28 electronic systems, including e-payments and Zan Ajira to increase efficiency, accountability and delivery of quality services.

“We want all the systems to be integrated to avoid duplication and cheatings,” Dr Mwinyi said as he called on all employees/public servants to use all the established systems to achieve the intended goals and enhance efficiency in the government.

Dr Mwinyi said that the openness brought about by the e-Government services enhances the authority’s ability to achieve transparency, citizens’ trust and participation, financial discipline, procurement and revenue collection, while cutting down the cost of governance.

“It is for these and other benefits that the Government is committed to improve e-government.”

The Isles President said the Government will strengthen all institutions including anti-corruption body (ZAECA), Zanzibar Controller and Auditor (CAG), Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), and Zanzibar Public Leaders’ Ethics Commission, along with promoting accountability, integrity, transparency, and access to better services.

“We need patriotic, obedient, honest and hardworking employees who adhere to the laws and ethics of their work, as the government takes measures to improve public servants’ welfare including salary and allowances increase, training, and scheme of service,” he said.

He mentioned that recently his government made reforms to increase the monthly pension  for retirees up to 180,000/- instead of 90,000/- and the universal pension fund from 20,000/- to 50,000/- covering elders at the age of 70 years and above.

Dr Mwinyi instructed the management of the Zanzibar e-government Agency to speed up provision of training to public servants in various institutions to adopt the ongoing digitisation.

The Minister of State in the President’s Office (Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public service and Good Governance) Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman, said leaders and other employees at all levels in the government, have the responsibility to support President Mwinyi to achieve his goals, by working honestly in providing better services to the people.

The Minister of State, Office of Union President (Public Service and Good Governance) Mr George Simbachawene, said: “Public servants are important in achieving government’s objectives and promises.”

He commended Dr Mwinyi for his ongoing reforms in Zanzibar.

Every year, the UN Public Service Day is commemorated on June 23, this special occasion aims to cast a spotlight on the vital role played by public servants. It is also a day to reflect on how they are instrumental in driving development and progress.

It also seeks to honour the commendable work of these dedicated individuals and inspire the younger generation to embark on meaningful careers within the public sector.

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