Mwinyi pledges to improve welfare, efficiency of CCM employees

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi has pledged to improve efficiency and welfare of the ruling CCM employees in the Isles.

Dr Mwinyi, the Vice Chairperson of the party responsible for Zanzibar made the pledge during his two-day visit in Pemba Island to inspect the development of the party and the implementation of the 2020-2025 elections manifesto which include ‘-re-opening up Pemba economically.’

“There is no reason why employees and volunteers in the CCM party shouldn’t be paid allowances or remuneration. We have enough assets that we can use to generate income by establishing investment projects,” Dr Mwinyi said during his Pemba tour where he held talks with local leaders at community and regional level.

He said that in order for the party to grow, operate and implement its activities including programmes, and improve the working environment for the party executives at all levels, it must support itself economically by establishing investment projects.

Dr Mwinyi expressed his satisfaction over the available resources of the party that he witnessed during his visit to all the party’s regions Unguja and Pemba, and explained to evaluate the resources, finding the possibility of developing them including partnering with the private sector.

“It is high time to have new party offices with modern equipment including computers and the construction of meeting halls with the capacity to accommodate many people. We must change,” the CCM Vice chairperson- Zanzibar promised.

Speaking about the opening-up of Pemba Island, he said improvement of transport infrastructure including roads, seaports and airports in Pemba, is already going on to attract serious investors.

He explained that many development projects have already been completed within a period of two and a half years of his leadership, and explained that more efforts have been directed to complete the remaining projects in the implementation of the CCM election manifesto.

During the meeting, Mwinyi also instructed the party authorities at community levels to provide training and capacity building to new leaders and members of how to handle their responsibilities in the party and have a work plan.

The Deputy Secretary General of CCM- Zanzibar, Dr Mohamed Said Muhamed (Dimwa) explained that all the instructions and directives from top leadership including Dr Mwinyi are being implemented including identifying CCM community ambassadors and executives in the party and providing them with identification cards (ID).

The Regional Commissioner (RC) for North Pemba, Salama Mbaruok Khatib, said a lot has been done within the two-and-a-half-year period of Mwinyi’s leadership as far as the implementation of the CCM election manifesto.

“We have made noticeable progress in various sectors including water, education, health, infrastructure and sports. Fortunately, the government has also already paid compensation to the citizens whose properties were destroyed in the course of expansion and construction works.

Earlier, speaking at the meeting, the Chairman of CCM, North Pemba Region, Mberwa Hamad Mberwa, explained that currently Pemba was enjoying peace, and political stability, regardless of political differences.

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