Mulokozi: I plan for new educational project for youth

TANZANIA: The Director of Mati Super Brand Limited, David Mulokozi, plans to launch a new educational project for the youth as one of his ways of plough back to the society.

Mulokozi made the statement on Wednesday saying that the project will focus on providing technical knowledge and entrepreneurial training to enable young people to be self-employed and own businesses.

Elaborating, he said that they will also provide some money in form of loan as capital to those who will present better creativity and business plans.

“It is important for the youth to have learning opportunities but also to ensure that they earn some incomes through their own work and that is where we are going,” Mulokozi pointed out.

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According to the director, giving back to society through various ways has been his tradition, adding that he believes that there are people in the society, who need assistance irrespective of quantity to better their lives.

“But also, I have been advising businessmen on the importance of giving back to the society as well as collaborating with non-governmental organizations and social institutions so as get easy access to the targeted audiences,” he noted.

He noted that society plough back is one of the most effective ways that can make one’s business to grow and last longer as they create a good relationship with the society, which are their biggest customers.

Last year on 21st October, Mr Mulokozi gave out a total of 500 white canes to the blind as part of his efforts in supporting the government address plight of the people.

Prior to that on 20th June, 2022, he also distributed hand sanitisers to various government institutions, when Covid-19 was at its peak.

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