Mtwara Port offers opportunities for dry ports

MTWARA Regional Commissioner Colonel Ahmed Abbas has called upon local and foreign investors to construct dry ports in the region to take advantage of improved efficiency at the port.

Col Abbas made the revelation when he paid a visit to Mtwara Port to witness Sea Ruby Vessel that docked at the Port, offloading 3680 tonnes of Sulphur powder destined for cashew farmers in Lindi, Mtwara and Ruvuma Regions.

“Basing on the report provided here, the port is currently witnessing an increase in services—various large containers and other cargo ships are frequently coming, handling products destined for our country, Morocco, Mozambique and others,” he said.

He said the coming of large cargo ships especially container ships call for massive port infrastructure.

He said local and foreign investors should therefore think of investing in dry ports at Mtwara Region to ease transit cargo handling at Mtwara Port.

Acting Port Manager Mr Norbert Kalembwe said since the launch of container service deal between Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and CMA-CGM company for Mtwara Port, the port is now experiencing fleets of big vessels cargo packed and empty containers destined for Tanzania, Morocco and Mozambique.

“Since the launch of the TPA, CMA-CGM project on April 20th this year, we have received and handled seven mega container ships,” he said noting that the ships brought along 1783 containers destined for the port of Mtwara, as others were destined for Morocco and Mozambique.

He said some of the empty containers destined for Mtwara will be used to transport various products at Mtwara Port.

Other empty and cargo containers were destined for Mozambique and Morocco countries.

Apart from handling mega container ships through TPA, CMA-CGM project, Mtwara port is also receiving and handling cargo ships destined to Dubai and Sri-lanka.

Meanwhile, Mr Kalembwe said Mtwara Port is expecting to receive and handle four world’s largest containers ships this month.

He said the ships are expected to bring along cargo containers to Mtwara Port.

“The mega container ships will come along with containers, unload and receive others from Mtwara Port,” he said.

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