Mpango stresses professionalism in water projects

VICE-President Dr  Philip  Mpango  has directed  water authorities and other stakeholders  to observe professionalism in managing  water resources by constructing  more  infrastructures  for harvesting and storing rain water in order to overcome water challenges that may arise.

The VP issued the directives on Thursday while laying a foundation stone for a water project worth 24.4bn/- that will draw water from Lake Victoria and serve people in Tinde of Shinyanga region and Shelui of Singida region.

He ordered them to increase efficiency in water usage, especially in agriculture and protect water sources, including Lake Victoria source at Helele in Misungwi District that is the main source of water for Misungwi, Kahama, Shinyanga, Tabora, Nzega, Igunga, Shelui and Tinde.

Dr Mpango said that the government is committed to ensure that the project produces water and is sustainable so as to meet people’s needs.

He said that the Sixth Phase Government under President Samia Suluhu Hassan has prioritises in water projects to ensure provision of sustainable services and environmental cleanliness to all citizens.

Dr Mpango said the water sector is among the priority areas in the government strategy for industrial economic growth and in fight against poverty in the country.

He said improvement of water services will  help to save time used for fetching water  thus enable citizens to engage in other productive activities, increase study time for students, strengthen health  and prevent  waterborne diseases.

Dr Mpango further condemned water theft done by some people including big investors, directing water authorities to refrain from imposing minor penalties for those who are found guilty.

He directed all respective organs to make follow up and take appropriate actions to all  water thieves  including those who divert the resource from rivers without permission and those who destroy water sources.

On his part, the Minister for Water, Mr Jumaa Aweso said his docket implements strategic water projects in Shinyanga Region at a cost of 35bn/- which will help to address water woes in the area.

He said besides benefiting Tinde residents the water project will also serve other 22 neighbouring villages.

The minister said his office will continue to make close follow up of water projects under implementation to ensure timely completion and provision of the precious liquid to the citizens in order to attain the government target of 95 percent of water supply in urban and 85 per cent in rural areas come 2025.

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