Ministry tasks universities to raise standards for global recognition

PERMANENT Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr Francis Michael, has challenged higher learning institutions to strengthen their management systems so as to operate as per international standards.

Dr Francis challenged the universities when addressing the Association of Vice Chancellors and Private Universities (TAPU) in Dodoma over the weekend.

“One of the factors that causes most of universities to fail in acquiring recognition by theworld community is their failure to compare themselves to those with international standards so that they can make improvements,” he explained.

Dr Michael stressed that without positive changes the universities and colleges cannot be recognised worldwide.

To achieve international recognition, he pointed out that universities are advised to make arrangements for the exchange of experts in areas with needs and shortage.

Also, he advised higher learning institutions to initiate programmes that will attract foreign students to study in the country as well as designing and implementing students exchange programmes.

Moreover, he called for the universities and colleges to invest heavily in academic research that can bring impact to the world.

“Strengthening relationship with universities abroad has a great benefit of promoting local institutions internationally, placing them at better chance to climb to high positions in the ‘World University Ranking, ” he added.

However, the Permanent Secretary nodded to the increased private universities, saying they largely contribute to offering opportunities to students earn knowledge and skills for employability and creating own jobs.

He noted that since 1995 number of universities has significantly increased whereby currently there are 18 private universities and 10 constituent colleges which back up the government’s efforts to improve higher education.

“Apart from offering education, these universities and colleges have been creating employments, the government will continue according cooperation to you so that you could fulfill your responsibilities in producing graduates to serve the country,” he explained.

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