Minister pushes for international concerts to attract visitors

ZANZIBAR Minister for Tourism and Antiquities, Mr Simai Mohammed Said has stressed the need for hospitality and tourism industries to consider organising international concerts that will attract more foreign visitors.

He said the concerts that will bring together tourism and hospitality stakeholders should invite foreign guests who will come and use hotels and other services, thus benefiting both investors and the country in general.

“Dar es Salaam has not utilised well opportunities arising from  these concerts, there are many of  them which are being held  but they do not attract tourists, we need to  organise a  big concert which will  bring together all stakeholders including various hotels  so as to attract foreign visitors,” he said.

Minister Said was speaking on Friday during the launch of Crown Plaza Hotel in Dar es Salaam.

“We need  people from Rwanda, Uganda,  Australia, US,  UK, France and  other parts in the world  to come and use our hotels, their presence in the country  is beneficial  not only  to the hotels  but also to  the nation,” he said.

The minister noted that the new hotel that is located at the city centre provides an opportunity for youths to learn various issues related to the hospitality industry.

He said the new hotel is different from others because its charges are affordable to majority of Tanzanians.

“In tourism sector we look at opportunities, which will benefit our youths such as training,” he said.

He called upon investors to focus not only on construction of the buildings but also improving their services so as to attract more customers.

Crown Plaza General Manager, Mr Ravi Reddy said the hotel is owned by Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG).

“Our hotel is of premium brand and our focus is business, we invite Tanzanians to support us by using our services, we will have variety of services and we expect to continue investing in other areas in the country,” he said.

He noted that, plans are underway to invest more in Tanzania a move that will create more employment.

The GM said currently the Crown Plaza hotel have employed 50 Tanzanians.

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