Milestone as Mtwara Port launches container services

FOR the first time in the history of the country, Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) has launched container services linking the deepest port of Mtwara with Comoros and other nations connected with Mtwara Development Corridor.

The container services were launched on Thursday through CMA-CGM Fuzhou Container Ship owned by French Container Transportation and Shipping Company.

The ship with a length of 176.88 metres has the capacity to handle 18,485 tonnes and scheduled to manage containers destined to Moroni, Mutsamudu Islands in Comoro.

Gracing the event, Deputy Minister for Works and Transport Mr Atupele Mwakibete said the launch of the container services is an opportunity for Mtwara Port to enhance its operational potential towards boosting trade.

The container services according to Mr Mwakibete will also lure more container transshipment at the port of Mtwara.

“We are expecting the port to be receiving and handling two to four ships per month in line with the container services opportunity,” he said, adding that the port is expected to handle approximately 800 containers every month.

He said the management of Mtwara Port is well prepared to handle the container services by ensuring it has enough workers and port facilities at the terminal to handle the containers.

Mr Mwakibete said the launch of the container shipment services is a golden opportunity for various transporters to ship their goods and materials through Mtwara Port.

Elaborating, he asked Malawi and Mozambique countries to consider using the Mtwara Port in container shipment services, noting that it cuts transport and it is the nearest sea port to the respective countries.

Speaking on behalf of TPA Director General, Dar es Salaam Port Director Mrisho Mrisho thanked CMA-CGM Transport and Shipment Company for partnering with TPA in the management of the container services at Mtwara Port.

He said CMA-CGM Company is expected to bring one container ship every week. Adding: “To us (TPA) is an opportunity to enhance Mtwara port operation towards boosting revenue.”

Commenting about the CMA-CGM Fuzhou ship, Mr Mrisho said the ship came from Dubai via Somalia before it docked at Mtwara Port.

He said the ship brought along 246 containers. The vessel is expected to spend 24 hours at the berth and later proceed to Nacala City in Mozambique.

He said the 246 containers brought at Mtwara Port will be used to handle raw cashewnuts and other goods and materials to be managed at Mtwara Port.

Ambassador of France to Tanzania Mr Nabil Hajlaoui said the launching of container services at Mtwara Port through CMA-CGM ship owned by France Company aim at strengthening the bilateral relationship between France and Tanzania.

He said the CMA-CGM ship chose Mtwara Port as part of the company’s container shipment services due to the attractiveness of port transport infrastructures.

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