Medical specialist tips women how to avoid miscarriage

WOMEN with history of experiencing miscarriage and stillbirth have been urged to consult specialists immediately after conceiving to contain the problem.

The Gynecologist, Dr Innocent Kaiza from Mwanza Regional Referral Hospital, Sekou Toure, gave the advice on Wednesday when speaking to residents who showed up for health services offered by a team of specialists at the hospital.

The team is composed of specialists of the Sekou Toure Referral Hospital and from Bugando Zonal Referral Hospital.

They started offering the health services from Monday and will conclude on Friday this week.

The Gynecologist clarified that cervix loose is one of main causes, of which the specialists should close it (cervix) soon after conceiving, until delivery time.

“But this is possible when a mother attends clinic soon after conceiving, to let the problem get diagnosed early,” he said.

Again, the woman might be suffering from bacterial infections at the uterus.  The infection may lead into an amniotic fluid tube burst and let the fluid come out, hence, affecting fetus development.

Sometimes, miscarriage and stillbirth complications are due to silent high blood, of which the pregnant mother can have it for a long time but is not aware of the situation.

It was further noted that the problems might be due to serious anemia as well as poor diets.

“And we term it miscarriage or abortion when the fetus comes out before turning 28 weeks. When the complication takes place after such a period, then that is stillbirth problem,” said the Gynecologist.

He stressed that only health practitioners can detect abortion and stillbirth signs and help the mother to have the baby born safely.

The women at the specialists’ camp were also insisted to regularly go for cervical cancer test, whose source is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and has been sexually transmitted.

Dr Kaiza clarified that despite the fact that it is men who usually carry the virus, only women are affected.

It is because women have a special delicate area on the cervix, a specialty known as ‘Squamo-columnar’ that attracts HPV attack.

The women can accommodate HPV at any body parts with no harm, until it gets at the cervix, affirmed the gynecologist.

To avoid the virus, he advised, partners should take precautions over sexually transmitted diseases.

The Sekou Toure-in charge, Dr Bahati Msaki, called on Mwanza residents to continue visiting the camp, whose presence aimed at setting the services more close to members of the community.

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