Massive land mapping programme in offing as Bunge approves 171.4bn/- spending plan

Minister for Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Dr Angeline Mabula has said the State will embark on a massive land mapping programme in the next 2023/24 financial year to address the growing land conflicts.

Dr Mabula promised this when the lawmakers were contemplating on her docket’s 171.4bn/- spending plan before endorsing it on Friday afternoon.

Among other issues, the plan throws weight behind weight behind land disputes and strengthening the country’s international boarders.

Tabling her budget estimates at the Parliament in Dodoma on Thursday morning, Dr Mabula unveiled six top priorities; including land ownership, investing on ICT in documentation, accessibility of land related information and preparing a friendly environment for investors.

MPs advised the Ministry to map the entire land as a sustainable solution in addressing growing land disputes in the country.

Responding to the matter, the Minister said through the secured loan, the Government will execute a large scale land mapping programme as well as strengthening Land Councils at village and ward levels.

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