Marafiki Music Festival rocks Dar

TANZANIA: THERE was no end to the strings of a guitar and mandolin, the sounds of drums and xylophone that filled the four-day Marafiki Music Festival that drew people from various parts of Dar es Salaam and Bagomoyo.

The festival was a celebration of African culture, with traditional music and dance, as well as performances from local artists. It was a fun-filled event that brought people together to celebrate their shared cultural heritage.

A vibrant stage filled with music and well-designed lighting kept the audience entertained for three days at the Village Museum and on the last day of Firefly Bagamoyo. The event began last Thursday and concluded on Sunday evening.

The event featured local artists as well as international artists from countries such as Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and France. Some artists performed while others participated in three workshops held every evening before performances at the Village Museum.

After captivating preparation and execution, the artists were delighted with this year’s event.

Among the artists who commented on this year’s performances included an artist from the South African musical band Sun Xa Experiment, Tebogo Mkhize.

He expressed his delight at participating in the festival and commended the organisers for creating a memorable event. He also underscored the audience’s strong connection to their performance, left them in awe and longing for their return to Tanzania to perform again.

Oliver John, an artist from Teacher Oliver Band, also commented on the festival. During his performance, he complimented the organiser for setting a standard musical system that allowed him to enjoy doing his performance without any technical challenges.

It was his recommendation, however, for them to put more effort into publicising the festival in different media houses inside and outside Tanzania.

An attendant at the festival Festo Elias expressed his delight in the lively and vibrant music that filled the air. Moreover, he took the opportunity to purchase some authentic and exquisite cultural products, which he appreciated for their uniqueness and cultural significance.

During the event, Leo Mkanyia was commended for his outstanding performance from one of the music fans who attended, Florence Sadick who noted she adored his performance as it involved playing instruments while dancing with his audience.

She praised the uniqueness of the live performance and urged other artists to participate in similar festivals that showcase live music rather than computerised performances.

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