Mangungu: Intensify solidarity, unity

AFTER being re-elected, Simba chairman Murtaza Mangungu has called for unity while pledging to work diligently to drive the club to prosperity.

Mangungu defeated Moses Kaluwa, who was his main challenger for the chairmanship post of the club during the general elections held at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

Out of 2,356 valid votes, Mangungu claimed 1,311 votes against 1,045 votes gained by Kaluwa thereby enabling him to stay as the club’s chairman for four-year tenure.

In his brief remarks after being elected, Mangungu repeatedly called for unity insisting that elections are over hence time to work for the development of the club.

“The election is  done, we have opened a new chapter. Each of us had his own followers but such groups should now be disbanded and we should all work for the common goal,” Mangungu said.

He also pledged to work abreast with Kaluwa saying he will receive his contributions in order to push the club forward saying he is going to ensure that football remains a unifying platform to all Tanzanians.

On his part, Kaluwa revealed that he was not satisfied with the results and did not sign to approve them, but said Simba is bigger than elections and anybody else.

“I am dissatisfied with the results and I have not signed them but elections are over and all groups which were made beforehand should be broken for the sake of our club.

“I will render my support to new leaders who have been elected and I wish them the best of luck in their responsibilities,” Kaluwa said.

In a related development, a team of five Board of Directors members emerged after getting majority votes that qualify them for the position.

They are Seif Muba who accumulated 1,636 votes, Asha Baraka 1,564 votes, Issa Idd 1,267 votes, Rodney Chiduo 1,267 and Seleman Harubu 1,250 votes.

Meanwhile, the new leaders have been encouraged to put the interest of the club first and always thrive to maintain professionalism when discharging their duties.

The club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Imani Kajula  promised to work well with all the newly elected leaders so that the goals of the club should be implemented without difficulties.

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