Man jailed for 20 years over money laundering

THE Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam has sentenced former Glotel Company Ltd agent, Jausia Msophe, to either pay 500m/- or be imprisoned for 20 years over money laundering and breach of trust.

Senior Resident Magistrate Yusto Ruboroga made the ruling after convicting the 32-year-old Msophe on the aforementioned offences and obtaining over 158m/-.

Moreover, the court ordered the accused’s house located in Kigamboni District, Dar es Salaam Region, be auctioned as a refund to the mentioned company, together with the 73m/- found in the convict brother (Ajuza Athuman)’s account, because it was proved that all were obtained as a result of the aforementioned crime.

Delivering the judgment, Magistrate Ruboroga said after going through the evidence from the Prosecution, the Court was satisfied without any reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crimes. He also evaluated defence’s evidence, to find that it had no weight.

He said that during the hearing of the case, the Prosecution brought 10 witnesses and exhibits, including bank receipts and copies of mobile money transactions that were able to prove all the charges against him.

Magistrate Ruboroga, in additional analysis of the ruling, noted that on the first count, in the breach of trust offence that falls under the economic sabotage law, the convict was penalised to serve a 10-year sentence; however, the accused will only be sentenced to eight years in prison as a result of his prolonged stay in custody.

The Court heard that in the second charge of money laundering in the amount of over 158m/-, the court sentenced the convict to 20 years in prison or to pay a fine of 500m/-.

“These punishments won’t go together; therefore, you are sentenced to 20 years in prison or to pay a fine of 500m/-,” explained Magistrate Ruboroga.

Before the ruling, State Attorney Rhoda Mwakalemela urged the court to impose a severe punishment, so as to be a lesson to those who behave similar to the convict.

According to the Prosecution, it was alleged that on June 26 and September 26, 2019, in Dar es Salaam, the defendant, as an agent of the Glotel Company Ltd., obtained 158m/- after being trusted by the company.

In the second charge of money laundering, the defendant was accused of using the money for his own purposes after receiving it, while being aware that it was a proceed of theft.

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