Mama Salma thrilled as 300 women food vendors receive training, equipment 

More than 300 women food vendors from the Dar es Salaam region are expected to take their businesses to the next level after receiving business management and entrepreneurship training.

After the training organized by Coca-Cola Beverages Africa subsidiary, Coca-Cola Kwanza (CCK) in partnership with Oryx Gas Tanzania Limited, the beneficiaries were equipped with 100 gas cylinders, two-plate stoves, customer benches along 300 kitchen clothing.

The two organizations collaborated with the Institute of Social Work (ISW) to provide training in business skills, entrepreneurship, bookkeeping and capital growth.

This year CCK will continue the successful programme that was started in 2021 where over 600 women food vendors benefitted.

In 2023, the women traders will receive business training and equipment aimed at helping them to grow their enterprises and increase their income

The handover ceremony took place on Sunday at the Institute of Social Work, graced by Hon. Salma R. Kikwete Founder and Chairperson of Women and Development Foundation (WAMA), Former First Lady and a member of Parliament for Mchinga Constituency.

“I am encouraged by like-minded organizations coming together and joining forces with the government to ensure economic inclusion of women at all levels.

“I call upon other stakeholders to ensure they look at different ways to support women in our communities,”, said Mama Salma.

Speaking on behalf of Institute of Social Work, Professor Sotco Komba expressed his gratitude to Coca-Cola Kwanza for continuing their partnership that started last year.

“Our organization will always support initiatives that proves to improve lives of people in our society”, said Professor Komba.

Earlier in the day, Coca-Cola Kwanza’s Public Affairs and Communications Director, Salum Nassor said, “Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd has committed to empowering more than 1,100 women across its value chain by the end of 2023.

This is a part of an economic inclusion initiative called Mwanamke Shujaa which means “A Brave Woman” aiming at supporting women to take their rightful place in the economy.”

His comments were echoed by Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd Managing Director, Unguu Sulay who said: “Our aim is to create greater shared opportunity for the business and the communities we serve across the value-chain. Opportunity is more than just money, it’s about a better future for people and their communities everywhere on the African continent,”.

“We aim to create inclusive growth opportunities for women, youth, and people with disabilities by defining a consistent way of implementing economic inclusion programmes, drawing on leading practice for implementing our programmes.

“The success of these programmes will be defined by the extent to which we boost income, unlock sustainable earning potential, improve skills and business knowledge for our target groups, resulting in access to economic opportunities.

“Whether donating money, our time or our expertise, we take our responsibility to the communities we call home seriously,” Sulay said.

Oryx Gas Tanzania Marketing Manager, Peter Ndomba said his company was delighted to partner with CCK to empower woman entrepreneurs.

Member of Parliament for Mchinga Constituency and Former First Lady Mama Salma Kikwete (right) hands over a two-plate gas cooker to a Dar es Salaam food vendor commonly called Mama Ntilie Mary Njwoka (left) during an event held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend. Coca-Cola Kwanza in partnership with Oryx Gas Tanzania Limited handed 15kg gas cylinders, two-plate gas cookers, aprons and t-shirts to 300 women as a part of an economic inclusion campaign branded: Mwanamke Shujaa. 2nd right is Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd Managing Director Unguu Sulay, Coca-Cola Kwanza’s Public Affairs and Communications Director, Salum Nassor (2nd right) and Oryx Gas Tanzania Marketing Manager Peter Ndomba (centre). 

“Our economy can reach new heights if we successfully support more women to access opportunities for business growth. The Mwanamke Shujaa campaign is an inspiring example of how we can achieve this and we’re proud to be part of the campaign by providing the gas cylinders and stoves for these food vendors.

“Our organization works to ensure increasing usage of natural gas replacing the traditional charcoal and firewood which are harmful to our environment and health,” said Ndomba.

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