Malindi Port handles over 300 containers of ZMT

ZANZIBAR: Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal (ZMT), a subsidiary of AGL (Africa Global Logistics) has officially started operations at Malindi Port by welcoming and handling a container ship ‘MV UAFL ATHENS,’ with more than 300 containers to serve the import and export needs of the region.

“This first call marks the beginning of our activities in the region here, with the aim of improving port production and efficiency and for the benefit of the people and the economy of Zanzibar. We will spare no effort to achieve this,” emphasised Mr Nicolas Escalin, ZMT’s new Chief Executive Officer in a press release to the media.

He said that under the terms of the partnership signed on May 18, this year, following the bidding process, ZMT will provide cargo and marine services in the country’s main port infrastructure.

Escalin further said that AGL is committed to implement a modernised development investment plan for Malindi Port in the Stone Town, being one of the world’s heritage sites.

He added: “The Company plans to build a container depot outside the port, which is important for reducing congestion at this port facility.”

In the Zanzibar government and AGL agreement, he explained; provides the country with a modern infrastructure capable of handling imports and exports in accordance with international standards of quality, safety and security.

“In the end, ZMT took 400 employees of Zanzibar Port Corporation, who were already working at Malindi Port. The company has trained and raised awareness on quality and safety standards to ensure the full development of its employees in handling goods,” the CEO pointed out.

Elaborating he said: “Thanks to AGL’s experience in managing port facilities, ZMT aims to build a modern infrastructure capable of ensuring the smooth flow of imports and exports, according to international standards.”

On his part, Zanzibar Ports Corporation (ZPC) Director General, Nahaat Mahfoudh said: “This new partnership strengthens our goal of becoming the main transportation centre in the region. Together with AGL, we will work to ensure that this endeavour contributes to the economic and social development of our country.”

Mr Mahfoudh further said that the new port operated by AGL-being the first of its kind in the East African region, is part of their development efforts to expand services throughout Africa and consolidate position as the continent’s shipping partner.

He said that AGL is investing with the belief that it will contribute significantly to connecting Africa itself with the rest of the world, adding that Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal is operating on behalf of AGL in Zanzibar.

He explained that protecting and developing the employment kills of permanent and temporary workers is one of the strategies and priorities for the development of this port.

Africa Global Logistics is a member of the MSC Group and the leading operator of ports contracts in Africa. It is Africa’s leading logistics company, providing global and innovative logistics solutions to African and international customers.

AGL boasts of its network of 250 shipping and maritime agents, 22 ports and railways, 66 dry ports and 2 river terminals, and its expertise developed over more than a century, and a team of more than 23,000 employees in 49 countries.

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