Majaliwa to grace Press Freedom Day in Dodoma

DODOMA: PRIME Minister, Kassim Majaliwa is expected to join members of the media fraternity to celebrate this year’s World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) to be marked nationally in Dodoma today.

Yesterday, Speaker of National Assembly, Dr Tulia Ackson launched the commemoration of the World Press Day at Jakaya Kikwete International Conference Centre (JKICC) in Dodoma ahead of its climax today.

Dr Tulia said the nation recognises the contribution of media practitioners in the development of the country and that the media sector has been a cornerstone in realising both political and social-economic development.

“We recognise the contribution of media sector and journalists at large in conveying crucial messages to the public. It is through the media all of us are kept updated on various development programmes that are going on in the country,” she noted.

“We commend the job well done by journalists across the country. You have been carrying this country development agenda on your shoulders.”

Dr Tulia urged journalists to exercise freedom of press responsibly by analysing the information before feeding them to the public.

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In his message, the United Nations Secretary-General, Antó nio Guterres said that people need to know that the world is going through an unprecedented environmental emergency that poses an existential threat to current and future generations adding that journalists and media workers have a key role in informing and educating them.

He said that local, national and global media outlets can highlight stories about the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and environmental injustice.

“Through their work, people come to understand the plight of our planet, and are mobilised and empowered to take action for change,” he said.

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