Majaliwa stresses need for financial literacy among youth

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has launched a computer programme dubbed ‘JIBA App’, which aims at promoting and making business information readily available among the business communities from within and outside the country.

JIBA App, which was created by Jaffery International Business Association – Tanzania Chapter is also expected to overcome bureaucracies as well as create ease of doing businesses.

Mr Majaliwa disclosed this at the launching which was held at the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam on Sunday. He used the platform to call on JIBA Tanzania Chapter, to expand the scope of offering financial literacy among the youth to further enable them to manage their capitals.

“The programme will help to increase accountability and trust within the sector and the entire business chains…expand the scope by giving room for people to conduct businesses at their fingertips with anyone across the globe,” said Mr Majaliwa.

Aside from the application, the PM also launched the JIBA Sandbox system, which will enable users to acquire knowledge and training of doing business and secure markets globally.

Another in the list is JIBA Investment Desk responsible for imparting business models in the various sectors including fish farming and agriculture through the use of artificial intelligence.

In ensuring productivity, the PM urged the JIBA administration and its members to complement government efforts by expanding the scope of offering financial literacy among the youth in enabling them to manage their capitals.

He also advocated for proper training in seeking available business opportunities in respective areas as well as supporting the youth to gain on job training in their companies for them to be able to employ and employ themselves.

He stressed on the need for them to collaborate with the government to bring out talent in the important areas of science and technology as well as employ Tanzanian talents as done in JIBA App.

“We will be more than thrilled to see similar programmes are invented by our youth,” said the PM outline various strategies taken by government to strengthen business environment through the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) including doing away with nuisance procedures for making ease of doing business citing certificate of incentives.

“Before the reforms, a person had to possess a capital of not less than 100,000 US dollars (about 235m/-) to qualify for the certificate of incentive.

However, last year the government reviewed the system slowing down the rate by 50 per cent equivalent to 50,000 US dollars, equivalent to 117,500m/- to be able to qualify for the certification.”

According to him, the policy and regulatory reforms aimed at facilitating investment and business environment in the country, calling upon them to identify any challenges for earlier deliberation by the government.

The Chairman of JIBA Tanzania, Mr Al Junaid Hasham, said the company whose registration is from the United Kingdom possesses 32 branches across the world, aiming to promote business and economic opportunities among its members, who are primarily from the global Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri community and associate members.

“We anticipate starting a business forum through JIBA App and JIBA Investment Desk. The goal is to transform Tanzania into a strong business hub globally,” asserted Mr Hasham.

Earlier, the Chief Sheikh, Mufti Abubakar bin Zuberi maintained that the Holy Quran insists on doing business as the backbone of the lives of human beings.

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