‘Let’s fully exploit Kiswahili opportunities’

PRESIDENT Hussein Mwinyi has challenged Kiswahili professionals to fully exploit opportunities available in various areas, including in other countries as part of efforts to promote the language globally.

He mentioned journalists, Kiswahili lecturers and teachers as a key group of people who are in a good position to tap the potential given the nature of their jobs and professions.

According to him, since Tanzanians are using proper Kiswahili properly in their daily communications, then it is easy for the language to be spread at international level through various jobs that are available in various countries.

Dr Mwinyi made the call yesterday while gracing the congress on Kiswahili programmes for the year 2023 held at the Sheikh Abul-Wakil Hall in the Urban West region here.

“There is a good job market for Kiswahili speakers in various countries.  Most countries need teachers, interpreters and even journalists especially in the international media houses. These are opportunities that have to be fully exploited,” said Dr Mwinyi.

He added that, since Kiswahili is still growing and becoming a crucial tool of communications in the world, then it’s good for members of Kiswahili speaking countries to have strategies for benefiting from such opportunities.

“Our response to tapping the opportunities on this precious language is still low, we have to pull up the socks for our own development,” he suggested.

In another development, Dr Mwinyi asked journalists to use Kiswahili properly in their day to day activities for the sake of supporting efforts in promoting the language at global level.

He said journalists have a crucial role to play in promoting good use of Kiswahili given the nature of their jobs that requires proper speaking and writing on various articles, stories and documentaries.

“Journalists writing or broadcasting in Kiswahili can promote the language through the use of the recommended pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in all media outlets including radio, television, newspapers and social media,” he added.

According to him, if Kiswahili experts such as lecturers in higher learning institutions, teachers, journalists, broadcasters and interpreters, are committed to bettering the language, other users will not easily distort it.

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