Katavi to connect to power grid in October

KATAVI: KATAVI Region will be connected to the national power grid for reliable electricity supply by October this year, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, Dr. Doto Biteko, has announced.

Dr Biteko announced the news to the citizens of Katavi yesterday, when he visited and inspected the ongoing construction of cooling, receiving and distribution power centre in Mpanda town.

“As per contractual agreement the project is set to be accomplished by September this year but I have given them (contractors) until October this year, to complete the project,” he added.

He highlighted that Katavi has long relied on fuel-powered generators, which have hindered consistent power supply and affected local production activities.

“This project aims to end the power supply issues faced by Katavi residents. Reliable electricity is crucial for our country’s development,” he emphasized.

Dr. Biteko expressed satisfaction with the progress of constructing the 132 KV power transmission line spanning 383 kilometers from Tabora to Katavi.

He urged the contractors to ensure the project is completed as per contractual agreement and adhere to agreed standard.

The project involves also construction of cooling, receiving and distribution station in Mpanda and Inyonga, towns will cost over 46.9bn/- upon completion.

According to Dr Biteko the government has spent over 5.37bn/- to compensate citizens, who have been relocated to pave the way for the construction of the project.

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TANESCO Deputy Executive Director, Engineer Athanas Nangali briefed the Deputy Minister Dr Biteko that the cooling power station at Mpanda its construction which commenced on September 2021has reached 97 percent for completion.

“Transformer with capacity of MV 35 equivalent to 28 megawatts will be installed at Mpanda cooling power station, whose construction will cost over 16.5bn/-” added Eng Nangali.

He further explained that the building of 132 KV power transmission lines, stretching 383 kilometres from Tabora to Mpanda – Katavi has reached 63 per cent of completion.

Katavi Regional Commissioner Ms Mwanamvua Mrindoko said the frequent power outage and rationing would be history once the region is connected to the national power grid in October this year.

Equally she said that 172 villages have been connected with electricity by Rural Energy Agency (REA) phase III round two, adding that the contractor is on site to connect to power the remaining 114 villages, which are on peripheral areas Meanwhile, the deputy minister said the government has a plan to connect Rukwa and Songwe regions to national power grid by constructing 400 KV double lines via backbone transmission project.

The project is funded by the World Bank (WB) and the procedure of engaging the contractor has started.

For decades, the Sumbawanga Town has been receiving power from Lunzua Hydro Power Station in neighbouring Zambia.

The power station is located in Mbala Township that is 98 kms from Sumbawanga town. Rukwa Region has a grid substation at Sumbawanga Town with a capacity of 15 MVA 66/33/11 KV and receives power supply from Mbala Township in neighbouring Zambia.

However, construction of new 15 MVA transformer in Rukwa had increased the generation of power to 30 MVA.A.

Also, some parts of Mlele District in Katavi Region receive its power supply from Sumbawanga town.

The government has spent more than 3.28bn/- to compensate residents in Rukwa Region, who relocated to pave the way for the construction of the high voltage lines that will connect the region with the national power grid.

Rukwa region has four oilpowered generators installed at Sumbawanga substation with capacity to generate 3.75 Megawatts of electricity Likewise, the Sumbawanga Substation has five lines including Namanyere, Kalambo, Laela, North and South Feeders.

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