Kairuki roots for professionalism among education officers

The Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Angela Kairuki has challenged education officers around the country to exhibit professionalism while discharging their day to day activities.

Ms Kairuki who was officiating a seminar for the officers here recently, called upon the cadre carry out their duties and ensure that the services that the services are provided efficiently and honestly.

According to the Minister, professional competence, integrity, trust and respect were crucial attributes to the all-round growth of not only students, but the improvement of education sector in Tanzania.

“While the government strives to implement a number of guidelines that seek to improve education quality in the country, it is still imperative that education officers carry out their duties in accordance with the law,” she insisted.

The Minister challenged teachers in charge of special education to have mutual respect and open minds toward the philosophy of inclusion, as well as strong administrative support and knowledge of how to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

“For inclusion to show positive benefits, the learning environment and instructional models must be carefully established to provide strong learning opportunities for all students,” the Minister observed.

She further underscored the need of education officers to work closely with parents and guardians to identify and provide support to children with special needs.

Earlier, Noelah Msuya Shawa, who heads the Child Support Tanzania (CST), pledged to continue supporting the government’s mission of resolving issues curtailing the realization of quality education in Tanzania.

“We remain focused to our cause especially in assisting the government through tools to apps, assistive technology tools can help students with certain disabilities learn more effectively,” assured the specialist in teaching children with disabilities and special needs,” she said.

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