Julius Nyerere Intellectual Festival to award Dr Salim

THE Julius Nyerere International Festival will tomorrow honour Former Prime Minister Dr Salim Ahmed Salim as an outstanding Pan Africanist during the Mwalimu Nyerere Leadership and Excellence Award 2023 event.

Dr Salim will be awarded during the two-day Mwalimu J.K Nyerere Intellectual festival, popularly known as Kidoga Cha Mwalimu, which will take place today and tomorrow.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, Mwalimu Nyerere Intellectual Chairman, Prof Rwekaza Mukandala, said Dr Salim will be awarded as believer of the Nyerere’s ideas and as former President of the United Nations General Assembly.

“Dr Salim is a believer of Mwalimu Nyerere’s ideas who engaged himself in many activities within and outside the country, therefore the panel of judges has considered that he deserves to receive this award,” said Prof Mukandara.

He said during the festival, different issues will be discussed including good governance, the importance of free and fair elections, the challenge of poverty, defence and security, democracy and the increase of refugees in African countries.

“It is very important for African countries to discuss the ongoing issues including the whole issue of democracy which has contributed to many countries in the continent being at war or under military rule,” said Prof Mukandara.

He said Mwalimu was a believer in African socialism who also cherished cooperation and solidarity for the nation.

The festival is being held to develop and honour the ideas of the Founder of the Nation, Mwalimu  Nyerere in protecting  unity, nationalism and socialism of Africa.

“Currently, almost a quarter of African countries are at war. There are countries where leaders have been in power for a long time and do not want to leave. This is what makes us see the importance of discussing peace in African countries,” said Prof Mukandara said.

Among the topics that will be discussed during the festival, include the ongoing conflicts in many African countries.

Prof Mukandara said the festival will be attended by ambassadors, various academics and professionals from inside and outside the country.

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