Journalists urged to adhere to ethics

THE Russian-Tanzania Cultural Centre has urged journalists to adhere to media ethics when executing their duties as crucial factor in shaping the truth on things.

A Russian veteran journalist Andrei Sitov made the remarks in a four-day training for young journalists insisting that  the society trust the media thus  the practitioners  should  abide by ethics by ensuring that  the information given to the public is true.

“Media is one of the most important industry in the country as it is used to inform the community of the development and report on what is happening in the country, so it is important for journalists to have a good understanding of  laws, procedures  and guidelines  governing  their  professional,” Mr Sitov said.

He said in Russia the media are respected despite having an ongoing war, the government respects the contribution given by the media in informing the society.

Mr Sitov noted that, the most important things journalists should know is how the field works in terms of accuracy, fact checking and providing vivid examples to every news they provide.

Mr Sitov said TASS Russian News Agency believes in training young journalists who will become the tomorrow’s icon in informing the society on crucial issues that touch the interest of the nation.

Ms Irina Mandrykina, who oversees international cooperation projects at TASS, said there is a need for journalists to have an understanding on the things that may ruin their reputation and title they have built over years.

“The training provided today will help these young journalists to fight against fake news as it is the problem that hinders the media industry currently,” she explained.

Ms Mandrykina said fake news is one among the things that destroy the information industry, so we saw it is good to provide this seminar though it is for a few days but we hope it is of beneficial to the journalists.

She noted that, there are ways a journalist can use to avoid the occurrence of fake information to the news they produce and is by being up to date reading a lot of information from different sources and also be satisfied with the information they obtain.

Ms Mandrykina added that “this seminar is not only for young journalists even the editors should know this, currently the world is turning into a digital world where everything is published online and there are so many cybercrime cases so journalists should be careful and work accordingly on the basis of authorship.

The Russian House Administrator, Bernard Sepetu highlighted that the training came at a point when the world is at the pick of changes; we change from analog to digital world so journalists should be reminded of the basics to avoid unnecessary mistake.

“This seminar has a lot of benefits to journalists, among  others  is that they get to know how to avoid fake news, cybercrime cases but also they become more competent in performing their duties,” he said.

During the event, Sepetu noted that such events aim to support journalists who are passionate about writing and are ready to perform their duties in any atmosphere by following the rules that govern authorship.

In addition, he insisted, journalists should develop studying habits that will help them to overcome the problems facing the media industry.

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