Jafo launches ‘Play 2 Zero’ campaign, 200 trees planted

MINISTER of State in the Vice President Office responsible for Union and Environment affairs, Dr Selemani Jafo has launched the ‘Play 2 zero’ campaign aimed at planting trees at both primary and secondary schools in the country.

The campaign aims at averting climate change consequences that have experienced across the country.

At a launching ceremony held at Minaki Secondary School in Kisarawe District, Coast Region on Saturday, a total of 200 guava saplings were planted.

Speaking at the well-attended event, Dr Jaffo said that climate change is no longer a myth since it is evident in Tarangire, Manyara where animals are dying due to the drought while other places like Longido face acute shortage of water.

“Let us remember that our country is going through a very dry season, a little bit in some regions these two days it has rained but very little,” the Minister said.

Outlining the government’s mitigation plan, he said, the country’s main focus is planting more trees as well as protecting the environment.

The ‘Play 2 Zero’ campaign carried out by the African Lyon Foundation aims to plant 1,600 fruit trees in eight schools where each school will plant 200 trees.

Regarding the stakeholder’s initiative, Dr Jafo said: “In 200 trees there are others that may not grow well or end up on the way, but we expect 800 trees to grow well. I instruct the teachers to make sure that the trees grow in your schools.”

On his part, African Lyon Foundation Director Rahim Kangezi thanked the Government for supporting the campaign which aims to invest in the community.

In addition, Kangezi handed over two reports to Minister Jaffo that they had prepared, including the campaign to protect elephants and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Natural Resources Officer from Manyara Region Michael Gwadu said the ‘Play 2 Zero’ project which involves sports and environmental conservation aims to reduce greenhouse gases to zero.

He said engaging students in the campaign means they will play and protect the environment.

He said that the first phase of the project is being implemented in eight regions namely Tabora, Pwani, Morogoro, Lindi, Tanga, Manyara, Singida, Dodoma and Dar es Salaam.

In another development, the African Lyon Foundation has promised to build a Computer Laboratory at Minaki Secondary School and equip it with modern equipment, a move that will help students to take care of the environment.

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