Italian experts in Tanzania to assess health needs

A DELEGATION of health experts from Italy arrived in the country yesterday for a special visit to assess and identify the country’s needs and priorities in the health sector.

The development follows an allocation of Euro1, 250,000 grant (equivalent to 3.4bn/-) by Italy to Tanzania’s health sector.

The delegation of three health experts who commenced their tour today will be in the country until September 12, this year where they will meet with the leadership of the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender and Elderly to identify the needs and priorities which can be financed through the funds.

The delegation is led by Dr Davide Bonechi, who is accompanied by Dr Giulia Dagliana and Dr Beatrice Borchi, all from the national health centre in Italy.

Tanzania has been collaborating with Italy in various projects, where official cooperation in the health sector started in 1968 through Italy based doctor’s organization CUAMM-Doctors with Africa.

Since then, the Italian government has been funding various health projects in Tanzania, among others the fight against malnutrition, newborns health, and reproductive health and reduction of HIV/ AIDS infections.

Tanzania has been cooperating with Italy in various projects in the country, It has funded environment cleanliness project in Dodoma and supports the government efforts in provision of health services.

Italy was the first country to open a centre for orthorpaedic care and a research centre for communicable diseases at St Gasper Hospital in Dodoma.

Both centres continue to offer huge contribution in improving provision of health services in the country, especially to Dodoma residents.

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