Isles has 35 mangrove conservation groups

THERE are 35 mangrove conservation groups in Zanzibar, with 12 and 23 of them in Unguja and Pemba, respectively, the House of Representatives was told here yesterday.

Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock Minister Shamata Shaame Khamis informed the house that the groups already have operational agreements with the forestry department in the ministry.

He said other groups have been formed under various programmes, including Tanzania Social Action Fund; Roots and Shoots; and Zanzibar Volunteer Environmental Conservation.

Minister Shamata was answering a question by Wingwi Representative Kombo Mwinyi Shehe who wanted to know the government support to the mangrove conservation groups in the country.

Framing his question, the legislator accused some government officers in the natural resources ministry of discouraging the groups from the exemplary work that they are doing for Mother Nature.

But, the minister said the forestry department and all organisations have been working together, citing training, mangrove seeds, patrols, conflict resolutions, establishment of income generating projects as support that the government gives to the groups.

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