ICT Commission stresses digital transformation

ARUSHA: DIGITAL transformation serves as the primary foundation for driving the digital economy by leveraging digital technologies in human endeavours to enhance efficiency, boost revenue, and enhance the quality of products and services within the nation, it has been said.

The Tanzania Information and Communication Technologies Commission (ICTC) Director-General Dr Nkundwe Mwasaga made the remarks in his opening remarks during the third Tanzania Cybersecurity forum held in Arusha recently.

Dr Mwasaga emphasised that the digital economy cannot grow and prosper if digital systems threaten the security of the country, adding this not only impedes economic growth but also the growth of companies’ businesses and individual activities.

Due to cybersecurity challenges, he mentioned that the goals of digital transformation cannot be achieved without safety and trust, which are important components in digital services.

“To ensure that Tanzania is in a secure position in the digital world, our institution, which has the primary responsibility of promoting the development of ICT, has organised a twoday forum.

This provides stakeholders with an opportunity to evaluate the implementation of various strategies and receive advice on the safe use of computer networks and electronic services,” said Dr Mwasaga.

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