HUMAN CAPITAL: Why Tanzania hosts summit

TANZANIA has been chosen to host the continental Human Capital Heads of State Summit for being a peaceful country and taking bold measures in creating a productive human resource, Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Mr Albert Chalamila has revealed.

Mr Chalamila disclosed this during a press briefing in Dar es Salaam, on Friday ahead of the Summit which will convene on July 25-26, indicating that Tanzania is a country which runs its affairs peacefully.

According to the RC, deliberating on important issues relating to human capital agenda requires a conducive environment coupled with peace and tranquility.

In this regard, the World Bank requested Tanzania to host an important meeting, urging Tanzanians to be proud of the status granted to them.

The Summit offers Tanzania yet another opportunity to be recognised globally due to the efforts and good leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan. This is the reason for being honoured.

“Tanzania, like many countries within the African continent, is home to a large number of youths without employment. Thus, the country’s best practices for combating unemployment challenges will be featured in the Summit and may be adopted in the Dar es Salaam Human Capital Declaration to be used to tackle the problem within the continent,” said Mr Chalamila.

He noted among measures include the enrollment of youths in Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) and key strategic projects the likes of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) for acquiring skills that will enable them to employ themselves and others.

Besides, the RC observed that President Samia has set a very good example by allocating 10 per cent of all council revenues to support special groups including women, youth and people with disabilities.

“The practices have received a lot of accolades within and outside the continent with people from various nations coming to Tanzania to familiarise themselves with the mechanisms.

Also, the fee free education policy which is strongly being advocated by President Samia as part of the country’s key strategy to produce its own experts is also acknowledged.

He went on to reveal that the government has invested heavily on education to ensure every Tanzanian child with the right age is in school.

“This is the true meaning of productive human capital for today and tomorrow,” noted the RC, indicating that everyone could bear witness on how ward secondary schools are bringing about major revolutions in making massive human resource and transformation to the economy of the country.

According to him, bold improvements made in the country’s education sector have gained respect for Tanzania both in the continent and globally.

He added: “this is the reason the summit will be hosted in Tanzania…it’s quite clear that countries are coming to learn and come up with a new model for Africa which will be identified as the Dar es Salaam Human Capital Declaration.”

The RC underscored that the coming of the meeting is a clear manifestation of the President’s initiatives in building the good image of the country both regionally and internationally.

As such, her efforts have continued to yield more fruitful results as it can be witnessed through the Human Capital Summit among others.

He called upon the Dar es Salaam city residents to know the economic benefits which will be coined as a result of the meeting.

“The summit is also part of tourism in the country, something which President Samia has been advocating since assuming the reins. It is crucial in strengthening further the hospitality industry, beach tourism, Tanzanian foods and among others,” he said noting that it will generate a participation of not less than 1,200 people who will sleep, eat and visit various areas.

“Dar es Salaam authorities envision to see visitors leave behind some dollars, the reason they have installed various booths for entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products, the goal being to boost the economy of the region,” stated the RC, encouraging  residents to fully exploit of the opportunity.

For his part, Managing Director of the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre (JNICC), Mr Ephraim Mafuru remarked that Tanzania’s ability to take advantage of the opportunity demonstrates that it is internationally accepted country.

He said that over the previous four years, Tanzania has been positioned at the 13th rank in Africa in terms of the number of international conferences it hosted. However, at the moment, Tanzania is ranked fifth, hosting 10 per cent of all conferences held in Africa annually on average.

“For those who follow conference tourism globally, the African Heads of State Summit on Human Capital is one of the great results of the work done by President Samia to promote the country internationally,” said Mr Mafuru.

He added that JNICC is well equipped to best host all of the attendees, saying doing well in hosting this Summit will give it the chance to draw additional events in the near future.

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