How tech investment is transforming game industry

THE Tanzania gaming landscape is becoming more realistic, detailed and immersive than ever before, thanks to advances in technology that has made the industry one of the most robust and valuable today.

“The country’s gaming landscape has changed with technology playing a part to its growth and players interest,” the Gama Gaming Limited, Head of Marketing and Communications, Mr Asungushe Mtetemela said at the launch of ‘bahati sms lottery game’ in Dar es Salaam, recently.

He said the entertainment industry particularly gaming has seen a paradigm shift due to technological advances, going to a whole new level, becoming one of the most robust and valuable today.

He said however that despite advancement of technology, the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT) has been key and instrumental in placing regulations and policy to support the growth of the sector.

The gaming industry has recently reported a 6 per cent growth in revenues from 132bn/- registered in the previous year.

He said the technology that is already making game design and production more accessible to individuals and small companies is constantly becoming more sophisticated and affordable.

He said the Gama Gaming is unveiling the first sms gaming platform dubbed bahati to offer Tanzanians variety of games to play through mobile money wallets and later on other platforms.

“However minding the age gate and responsible gaming rules and regulations we would like to promote responsible gaming throughout our platform and any user who abuses or goes against the rules and regulation set forth will be banned from participating on any lottery under the Gama gaming banner,” he said.

As part of our Corporate Social responsibility, he said the company plans to be an active member of society participating in the three pillars set apart in education reform, community development and health care.

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