How Huawei reaffirms its commitments to transform TZ’s ICT landscape with cutting-edge technologies

DAR ES SALAAM: Chinese technology Huawei Company has reaffirmed its commitment to devote more human and financial resources, to further assist the Tanzanian government in strengthening the national ICT infrastructure

Attending the 7th Tanzania Annual ICT Conference in Dar es Salaam, recently, Huawei Tanzania Board Director, Jason Yi (1) further added that digital transformation is key in unlocking new economic development in the country.

This has come with the Chinese technology Huawei Company committing (to further assist the Tanzanian government in strengthening the national ICT infrastructure.

Equally, the company has further promised to bring the best technology and reliable mobile network to every corner of the country.

He further said that with their contribution and guided by Tanzania’s long-term development strategy the “Development Vision 2025”, the country is experiencing a stage of rapid economic development and has achieved amazing results.

At present, Tanzania has become a middle-income economy and has entered a new stage of economic take-off, which means the accelerating development phase from 1000 to 3000 GDP per capita. In this phase, ICT will play a key role in the transition from a resource-based economy to a skill- and technology-based economy, and to transform the country’s production structure.

The Tanzania’s “Third Five-Year Development Plan” also emphasizes the importance of science and technology, innovation and digitalization, to explore development potential through the national digital transformation, so that Tanzania people can benefit more quality life from the development.

“We can see a lot of impressive achievements today. For instance, the national ICT broadband backbone network (NICTBB, 7,900+ km) is providing connectivity to seven neighbouring countries, fulfilling the government’s commitment to become a regional ICT hub, and connecting neighbouring landlocked countries with international submarine cables for global connectivity,” Yi pointed out.

He added: “Huawei is honored to be part of this process and contribute to it, and we are proud of the achievements created by our customers and partners. We firmly believe that digital transformation is a driving force for innovation, inclusiveness and sustainable growth. It will stimulate job creation, improve productivity, help to tackle poverty, and together to realize Tanzania’s development vision 2025.”

As a world-leading ICT company, Huawei has been rooted in Tanzania for 16 years since 2007 and has been the largest contributor to the country’s ICT infrastructure, serving 75 percent of the population.

Mr Yi further said that Huawei also supported operators to upgrade Tanzania’s network from 2G to 4G and build the fiber broadband network connecting all 26 Tanzania regions, connect millions of people living in rural areas to the world.

“We are committed to bring state-of-the-art products and solutions to provide reliable communications services for Tanzanians, by adhering to the value philosophy of “in Tanzania, for Tanzania

We all agree that excellent ICT talent is the cornerstone of national digital transformation. Huawei Tanzania is therefore committed to imparting ICT knowledge and skills to Tanzanians, and working with industry and academic partners to build the digital talent pool needed for Tanzania’s sustainable development

We are committed to invest more in bringing industry-leading technologies to Tanzania, helping strengthen the national ICT infrastructure, and support the Tanzanian government and enterprises in their digital transformation agenda.

Not only to support the “hard connectivity” to improve infrastructure, but also help the “soft connectivity” to develop rules and standards.

On December 13, 2022, Huawei supported our partner TTCL to launch the network at the Mountain Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. High-speed network coverage is available for the first time at the 5985 meters elevation.

Form here, tourists can share the beautiful pictures when they reach the peak. The Network coverage has also further improved the quality of life of mountain people. In times of emergency, tourists can also call for help through the network signal in time.

Currently, Huawei has established partnerships with 19 local universities and has built 4 ICT practice labs. More than 3,000 teachers and students have been trained by Huawei ICT Academy.

Huawei provides ICT skills training for more than 2000 ICT engineers and civil servants. Over the past few years, hundreds of Tanzanian students have benefited from Huawei’s Seeds for the Future programme.

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