Hope for Girls as NGO congratulated for exemplary performance

HOPE for Girls and Women Tanzania, an NGO that fights Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriages and other Gender-Based Violence (GBV) acts has been hailed for remaining the role model NGO in the area, its transparency being cited as something others should emulate.

The Assistant Registrar of NGOs in Mara region, Ms Neema Ibamba said this during the regional NGOs annual meeting held here early this week.

“To be honest Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania NGO is one of NGOs that operate according to the laws of Tanzania and it has already been very transparent, even when it comes to how it spends funds and has never disturbed us”, the regional assistant registrar of NGOs said.

She also commended what she described as good job being done by Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania to save girls from undergoing forced FGM.

The NGO has for saved 3,816 girls who were at high risk of being subjected to FGM and other GBV acts in the region, its official, Ms Regina Lucas told the NGOs annual meeting.

“Also, we have empowered 235 girls to get sewing training and entrepreneurship as well as giving each of them a sewing machine. And more importantly we have managed to restore good relationship 3,699 girls with their parents in Serengeti, Butiama, Bunda and Tarime districts “, Ms Lucas said on part of her presentation that she made on behalf of the Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania Director, Ms Rhobi Samweli.

The NGO, anti GBV campaigns has also reached more than 200,000 people with FGM efforts to stop FGM getting top priority, according to her.

Ms Lucas who is also the in-charge of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania in Butiama, asked the government to take legal actions against FGM perpetrators who contribute to cut short education dreams of young girls.

The NGO promised to continue working closely with the government to combat FGM, child marriages and other GBV acts.

Speaking during the meeting, Mara Regional Commissioner (RC),  Major General Suleiman Mzee thanked and congratulated the NGOs for continuing to provide various services to the citizens in the region.

RC Mzee also thanked and congratulated the NGOs for continuing to provide various services to the citizens in the region.

“I would like to congratulate (NGOs) for the way in which you are cooperating with the region to provide various services in our region”, RC Mzee said on part of his opening speech at the meeting which was also attended by the Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Mr Msalika  Makungu.

The Mara RC however reminded the NGOs to perform their duties in accordance to the laws of the land.

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