Govt diversify strategies to include more youth in agriculture

TANZANIA is implementing a number of strategies to diversify access to land, capital, infrastructures and markets for agro-produce as part of incentivising youth joining the agriculture industry.

Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Anthony Mavunde said on Monday in the National Assembly while responding to a question from Buhigwe MP Kavejuru Felix, the government needs more youth to join the sector.

“One of the strategies is the recently adopted Building a Better Tomorrow (BBT) project that provides agricultural areas to youth as well as setting irrigation infrastructures,” he said.

The government aims to generate 8 million jobs reaching 2025 so as to solve the problem of unemployment to youth.

In her question, the MP wanted to know the government’s plan in engaging more youth in agricultural activities.

The Deputy Minister said Initial steps taken by the government, among other things, are to evaluate and identify the main reasons that derail youth from engaging in agriculture and that includes limited land, capital, irrigation infrastructure and reliable markets.

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