Govt assures women entrepreneurs with more support

WOMEN entrepreneurs in the country have been urged to use available economic opportunities to expand their businesses in and outside the country and attain economic breakthrough.

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC) Mr Amos Makalla made the remarks in his speech read on his behalf by Kinondoni District Commissioner Mr Godwin Gondwe, at the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) annual meeting held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

It was facilitated by German Cooperation for International Agency (GIZ) through Employment and Skills Development in Africa (E4D).

“The government is working hard to ensure that women in the country are becoming financially independent and become productive in their communities.

This has been possible through working with the private sector and other stakeholders in different economic aspects including provision of loans, trainings, market opportunities and others,” he said.

He went on mentioning loans which are provided to women, youth and people with disabilities by the government through district councils, as one of the initiatives which are done by the government to ensure that women are able to access capitals for establishing their businesses.

TWCC Chairman Ms Mercy Sila thanked the government for its support and for recognising contribution of women entrepreneurs in building country’s economy.

“Over 57 per cent of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country are done by the women. Our Government has been of great help to us in ensuring that women in all regions of our country are aware of available economic opportunities and are capable of benefiting from them. We believe that through this collaboration we get even further in this area”, she said.

Over 200 women  from across the country attended the meeting whereby 17 agencies from the Government and the private sector presented topics on market opportunities, international markets procedures, tax and changes of financial laws for year 2021/ 2022, how to manage sustainable business,  transportation of goods within and outside the country and others.

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