Govt assures conducive environment to investors in tourism

THE government has promised to put a conducive environment to local and foreign investors in the tourism sector, as a means to walk in the footpaths of President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Pindi Chana encouraged more investors in the lucrative sector that apart from reaping the emanating benefits, they create more jobs to Tanzanians.

Ambassador Chana was speaking during the annual meeting of Air Transport Agents Association of Tanzania (TASOTA).

“The government will continue to create an enabling environment for local and foreign investors who want to invest in the tourism sector,” she said.

Dr Chana further said that the government has reduced the annual fee for Air Travel Agents in the country (TALA fee) from 2,000 US dollars (about 4.6 m/-) to 500 US dollars (about 1.2 m/-).

She added that the government has continued to invest in the best infrastructure in park areas, including roads that are passable all the time as well as the installation of high-speed internet services on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Dr Chana emphasized that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism will continue to create an enabling environment for the private sector and remove obstacles to stakeholders interested in investing in the country.

Speaking on the competence of TASOTA, Minister Chana said that members have become patriots and ambassadors in promoting tourism attractions in Tanzania so that the country gets many visitors to experience the beauty of Tanzania.

“I feel proud to see TASOTA working day and night to protect and defend the country’s image by coordinating and planning trips for tourists visiting Tanzania,” she added.

Dr Chana assured TASOTA that the government will continue to work closely with the community so that the tourism sector brings about the intended results.

The Chairman of TASOTA, Mr Moustafa Khataw, said he was grateful to the government for recognizing their contribution in promoting the beauty of Tanzania

“We have been doing our work with the highest level of professionalism in the transportation industry because this business has no shortcuts or tricks,” he said.

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