Govt asks stakeholders to up education on sustainable fishing

DODOMA: DEPUTY Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Dr Edwin Mhede, has asked stakeholders in the fisheries industry to offer education on sustainable fishing in efforts to improve the sector.

Dr Mhede made the call here during a meeting with fisheries stakeholders to fine-tune draft guidelines for fisheries on shallow water.

According to him, majority of fishermen and women were unaware of laws and guidelines on shallow water, therefore it was a duty of his ministry in collaboration with other Local Government Authorities, President’s Office (Planning and Environment) as well the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment) to intensify massive education on sustainable fishing so that it becomes of greater importance to the nation.

“Majority of people are conducting their activities without abiding by guidelines and laws; therefore, it is our duty to provide education on the laws and guidelines guiding the sector in order to help them,’’ he said.

According to the deputy PS, because of poor knowledge, fishermen/women conducting their activities in small water have been using illegal fishing tools like unauthorized nets which are not healthy for species in the waters thus impeding sustainable fishing.

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According to him, the recently drafted guidelines are less concerned with fisheries in the deep water such as lakes Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa, Mtera, Mwalimu Nyerere and Nyumba ya Mungu Dam.

On his part, Acting Deputy Director, Department of Defense and Fisheries Resource Development, Bugomba Kimasa, said fishing activities on lower waters were very important as they were helping people to get food and individual income and therefore, he noted, it was important to have guidelines so that it becomes sustainable.

He said shallow water is those that go dry during drought season while during the rainy season they become full again.

He added that the major purpose of drafting guidelines was to identify and monitor all ongoing activities on such waters.

Ms Aziza Mumbi who is Deputy Administrative Secretary Economic Sector from Dodoma Regional Commissioner’s Office, said her region has several areas with shallow water fishing.

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