Govt allocates 11bn/- for improving public service management

THE government has allocated a total 11bn/- this financial year in improving different areas of public service management.

Deputy Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance) Mr Ridhiwani Kikwete said areas of improvement include salaries increase, implementation of management infrastructures, new appointments and promotions.

He made the revelations while talking to Kibaha Council’s workers in Kibaha Town on Monday, insisting that the aim is to improve working conditions and increase efficiency

“The government is very keen on improving working conditions in the public sector. Our ministry has completed reviewing, designing and improving operating systems in the government offices as part of the strategies,” he explained.

Expounding, he said that  new Management and  Salary Reporting System which is now operational has brought about great revolution in implementing public service management activities in the country.

“The system has enabled all civil servants who qualify to be promoted to get their rights without complications unlike before,” he said.

He went on to add that the new system has enabled the government to restrict workers with forged documents through increasing identification of persons through assistance from National Identification Authority (NIDA).

While in Kibaha Rural District Council yesterday, the deputy minister was told by District Executive Director (DED) Ms Butamo Ndalahwa that the council is in the process of employing 200 staff in its different departments in the financial year 2023/ 2024 being a move to cover current gap of 441 civil servants.

According to Ms Ndalahwa, currently the council has a total of 1571 public workers, while the actual need is 2012. Deputy minister is in a five days official visit in Coast Region.

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