Government lauds TaSUBa’s achievements

COAST REGION: THE Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture (TaSUBa) has been commended by the government for its outstanding work in maintaining high standards in arts education as well as infrastructure enhancement of the organisation .

The acknowledgment was made recently by the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports, Suleiman Serera when he paid a visit to the institute and expressed satisfaction with various developments made by TaSUBa, affirming that the government will continue to provide ample support to ensure the institution continues to excel globally.

“I am delighted with TaSUBa’s progress in nurturing top-tier artists and achieving its educational objectives,” remarked Serera.

He highlighted TaSUBa’s international stature, noting that many successful Tanzanian artists on the global stage are products of TaSUBa.

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Meanwhile, TaSUBa Principal and CEO, Dr Herbert Makoye, affirmed their commitment to excellence, stating plans to increase students’ intake starting from the next academic year.

“We are pleased with the visit from our Deputy Permanent Secretary Serera. We pledge to maintain our high standards and aim to enroll more students in the upcoming academic sessions,” Dr. Makoye affirmed.

However, proving the excellent work that Tasuba has done so far, on March 27 this year, Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Damas Ndumbaro, expressed his satisfaction with the provision of arts education after he visited the institute.

Ndumbaro visited TaSUBa Institute aimed to assess the institution’s progress.

“The management of the institute has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing cultural and arts education to young people.”

“They have also outlined plans to renovate existing infrastructure and construct new facilities to support the development of the arts industry at the institution,” Ndumbaro also unveiled that the government has allocated 1.5 bn/- to further enhance the arts sector and improve the infrastructure of the institution.

Overall, TaSUBa’s significance lies in its multifaceted contributions to cultural preservation, artistic development, national identity, economic growth, and educational excellence in Tanzania.

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