Golf ladies head to polls at Lugalo Open

TANZANIA Ladies Golf Union (TLGU) has announced March 25 this year as the official date for the Annual General Meeting(AGM) and election.

The TLGU term at the office ended in November last year, but the plan for the next election faced delays due to several setbacks.

TLGU honourary secretary Madina Iddi confirmed to the ‘Daily News’ from Arusha yesterday that they are now ready to go ahead with the election plan that will be held at the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) Lugalo Golf Club in Dar es Salaam under the National Sports Council (NSC).

Iddi said: “On behalf of the TLGU, I would like to inform all members that preparation for the general meeting and election has already started, and all necessary arrangements to ensure we have a free and fair election on March 25 have been taken.”

She said the meeting will be held during this year’s Lugalo Open Championship which is jointly organised by Lugalo Club and Tanzania Golf Union (TGU).

“Therefore, I request all members to participate in the Lugalo Open tournament in the morning so that in the evening we can attend the meeting. NSC will provide guidance on how to obtain forms for the TLGU leadership positions soon,” she said.

According to Iddi, the general meeting agenda will include verification of attending members (List of attendees), Confirming the agenda, reading and confirming the summary of the previous meeting (2021), receiving the report of the executive committee, and verifying the financial statements of the previous year before the election of leaders.

She named the posts to be contested during the general election as union president and its vice, honourary secretary, treasurer, competition secretary, and handicap secretary.

However, she said all applications/nomination forms must be submitted to NSC.

Madina called upon all golfers to participate fully in the coming election by contesting for different positions and participating in the voting process too.

Iddi said that it’s important to conduct the election and select leaders who will carry big tasks to promote and develop ladies’ golf in the country.

According to the TLGU constitution, the amendment of 2019, candidates shall be Tanzanian members of TLGU and shall be elected only at Annual General Meeting or at Special General Meeting.

Former national team member, Sophia Viggo the outgoing president of TLGU whose tenure ends, has served for two years since the  2020 election.

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