Global conference on health risk reduction in Africa underway in Morocco

Marrakesh, MOROCCO: GLOBAL health stakeholders are brainstorming for three days, pondering how to reduce health harm in the continent while also considering climate change issues.

The three days meeting that kicked off on Wednesday in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh is the second edition of the African Health Harm Reduction Conference organised by the Moroccan government.

The conference has brought together African and international decision-makers, politicians and experts from over 70 countries to reflect on health aspects in broad public health policy concepts.

The experts have mainly focused on reducing health risks that mainly emanate from substance abuse, water and environmental issues.

“One of the main messages of the conclave is to promote solidarity and strengthen links between different nations in order to achieve effective South-South cooperation, in this case particularly in the field of health,” one of the statements said.

The pillars around which the meeting will revolve are health in Africa with special reference to water supply and management, the environment and food security.

“Africa is the mother of humanity. Our culture is characterised by family values and solidarity, built on a solid history and deep roots,” said Imane Kendili, President of African Global Health (AGH).

AGH was born out of the desire of African experts to unite and bring Africans together around their health.

It is a non-profit NGO that brings together African experts interested in contributing to the continent’s development towards sovereign public health policies that address the health landscape in all its organic, economic, social, educational, identity and cultural aspects; according to the specific realities of the continent.

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