Give loans to individual persons with disabilities, DEDs directed

DISTRICT Executive Directors (DED) have been directed to issue the councils’ 10 per cent own revenue as loans to persons with disabilities when they apply as individuals as they do not have to be in groups to access the facility.

Local government authorities are required by the law to set aside 10 per cent of their budgets for the financial empowerment of groups of women, youth and people with disabilities (PwDs) at the 4:4:2 ratio.

Deputy Minister of State in the President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr Deogratius Ndejembi issued the directive yesterday in the National Assembly in response to Ms Stella Ikupa (Special Seats-CCM)’s question.

In her main question, Ms Ikupa questioned why the councils are not giving loans to individual persons with disabilities despite amendments made to the loans criteria.

Responding further, the deputy minister directed the councils to observe the regulations with amendment in dispensing the 10 per cent loans to person with disabilities

He said the government recognises and understands the importance of economic empowerment to persons with disabilities, thus the need to acquire the loans for their improved welfare and national economic development.

The deputy minister said in 2021 the government issued new guidelines on the councils’ women, youth and persons with disabilities, which allowed the latter to access the funds as individuals.

The reviewed guidelines give room for people with disabilities to apply the loans as individual rather than group when applying for the council’s loans.

He urged the members of parliament to educate their voters on the opportunities available for the persons with disabilities through the 10-per cent of the councils’ budgets as free interest loans for improved economic status.

On different occasions, stakeholders have been complaining on non-recovery of loans, saying they could deplete the revolving fund and that in order to attain the fund’s aim and sustainability previous CAG recommendations should be implemented.

The calls for due diligence be performed before issuing loans to special groups and exert more efforts in collection of outstanding loans from these groups.

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