GGML launches internship programme for 2024/2025, 40 graduates to benefit

GEITA: In order to demonstrate its commitment to the development of graduates from various institutions of higher learning to make them employable, Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) has launched an internship programme for 40 graduates from various colleges and universities in Tanzania.

The training, which will last for one year (2024/2025), will cover various areas within the mine and disciplines, including apprenticeships, trades, mining experts and other areas established to develop the skills of young Tanzanians.

Speaking at the launch in the Geita region over the weekend, GGML’s Senior Vice President – Africa Business Unit, Terry Strong, said the training programme will give unemployed graduates the opportunity to gain work experience that will complement their studies and help them compete in the job market.

He said the programme, which started in 2009, has benefited a total of 258 graduates (including the current batch) from various higher education institutions in Tanzania.

“The target group consists of 41% female and 59% male graduates. Of the 258 graduates enrolled, 34% (87) were employed by GGML on permanent contracts in various positions within the company, while the remainder were employed on temporary contracts.

“With several successes achieved so far, GGML is committed to continuing the on-the-job training programme as an important recruitment tool,” he said.

Mr. Terry welcomed the 40 graduates who passed their interview to officially start their programme under the full sponsorship of GGML and 10 graduates who successfully completed the 2023/2024 Internship Programme and are now taking the next step in their careers at GGML, having been promoted to an advanced graduate programme known as the ABU Graduate Programme, one of AGA’s initiatives to accelerate graduates’ career growth within the company.

In addition, the Geita Regional Commissioner, Martine Shigella who was the Guest of Honour during the launch not only thanked GGML for implementing the programme, but also congratulated the group of graduates from various colleges who are fortunate enough to be trained at GGML for this year 2024/2025.

“The act of getting this opportunity within GGML is not only a way to gain experience, but it is a springboard to fully realise your potential. Take on challenges, use your knowledge and let your passion lead you to excellence,” he said.

And the Head of Training and Skills Department, Albert Rukeisa, who spoke at the launch on behalf of the Director of the Tanzania Employers’ Association (ATE), Suzanne Ndomba – Doran, congratulated GGML for its efforts which for over 15 years have been a springboard for other employers to continue to provide learning opportunities for young people and increase the number of mining professionals in the sector.

He also congratulated the graduates for having the opportunity to join the internship for the year 2024/2025.

“At the same time I would like to give an opinion to these young people, the Swahili say “If you are caught, stick to it” Go and put in hard work, honesty, if you consider the safety and procedures of the mine and you will see the good of obedience and hard work in learning work,” he said.

Diana Laswai, one of the students who graduated last year and was lucky enough to be employed by GGML, not only thanked GGML but also the government for continuing to encourage the private sector to provide on-the-job training.

He also urged the new students starting this year’s training to work hard, maintain discipline and adhere to GGML’s values of safety.

And Grace Msafiri, one of the graduates who had the opportunity to join this year’s internship programme, also thanked GGML for giving them the opportunity and providing them with a friendly working environment.

She also promised to make use of the training by working hard so that she can go far and get job opportunities in different fields after the completion of the internship.

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