Genuine car parts assures longevity, safety

THE use of unfit and unauthorised spare parts for the sake of keeping the car running has been the major cause of premature depreciation of cars thus putting motorists in danger of accidents and incurring losses.

The CFAO Motors Tanzania, Chief Executive Officer, Fransois Bompart said in Dar es Salaam recently that the use of authentic spare parts gives motorists assurance  of the durability and safety of their vehicles.

“The authenticity and quality of each manufacturer-produced part will keep your vehicle in the best possible condition and guarantee safety and durability of the car,” he said.

He said the use of counterfeit parts may not match the technical specifications of their vehicles because each car manufacturer designs their cars differently and thus has different specifications and needs.

He also said that the unauthorised parts may not fit properly the car because the original spare parts are specifically made to fit in a certain automobile model of a specific business.

CFAO Motors Tanzania Sales and Marketing Director Tharaia Ahmed said with millions of cars on Tanzanian roads today, it is important to solve the dilemma of fake parts by ensuring the availability and affordability of the right fit spare parts for the safety of Tanzanians.

“CFAO Motors Tanzania aims to help car owners’ access easy and affordable authentic replacement parts while also maintaining the safety and longevity of their vehicles,” he said.

He said CFAO Motors Tanzania was established in Tanzania some 22 years ago, a distributor of prestigious global brands of cars and trucks, and part of the largest automotive network in Africa.

He added, “With consideration to challenges vehicle owners, fleet managers as well as those who services cars have been experiencing due to saturation of the spare part marketing, we are delighted to introduce Winpart by CFAO last week,”

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