Geita moves to ensure proper spending of CSR

GEITA Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Martin Shigella has said that his office will make a follow up on the use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund provided by Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) to ensure appropriate spending.

He said the monitoring and reforms are aimed at ensuring proper management of the fund in executing development projects under the CSR fund in Geita District Council and Geita Town Council.

Mr Shigella unveiled such regional strategies recently during a meeting with religious leaders, the Regional Defense and Security Committee and the Council of Elders.

He said the government under President Samia Suluhu requires companies involved in mining activities to take active responsibilities on provision of CSR funds so that people around the mining areas can benefits from the projects.

“Our region especially in these two councils, (Geita Town Council and the Geita District Council) is assured of getting 9.2bn/- every year, which is a lot of money.

“We will ensure that these funds bring tangible results … we cannot have 9.2bn/- every year and still depending on direct taxes…we cannot have 9bn/-   and still or bus stand is in bad shape,” he said.

“Even if we are going to construct a new bus stand but we should make renovation of the old stand so that it can be modern and friendly to the people,” he said.

“Sometimes these funds seem like they are not public funds, but these are public funds, they are there since the government enacted laws, that is why are going to take this matter seriously,” he emphasized.

The Chairman of the Council of Elders in Nyanza Street in Geita Town Council, Mr John Luhemeja asked the Office of the Regional Commissioner to review all the strategic projects implemented in Geita region.

The Bishop of the Union of Pentecostal Churches of Tanzania (UPCT), Mr Mkamato Samson asked the region commissioner to start with the challenge of the football field project implemented with CSR funds but it has failed to be completed on time since 2020.

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