Geita DC cultivates 8,579 hectares of cash crops

THE Geita District Council has managed to cultivate 8,579 hectares of different cash crops in the 2022/23 season against the target of 10,256 hectares, equivalent to 83 per cent performance.

The Council’s information officer, Mr Michael Kashindye, explained the success while presenting the implementation of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) development policy in the area.

He added that to support cash crop cultivation, the district has provided a total of 337 tonnes of quality cotton seeds to 836 farmers to positively shape cotton productivity.

“The council also allocated 70m/- budget for promoting sunflower cultivation where seeds are expected to be provided to farmers,” he said.

He added, besides that, the council has continued to strengthen the cultivation of food crops to achieve food self-sufficiency, where from July to December 2022, it has been able to produce about 59,670 tonnes of leguminous crops.

“For the livestock sector, the council in collaboration with the central government has successfully renovated four cattle water ponds and trained 2,240 breeders to enable them have modern breeding techniques in 37 wards,” he stated.

He said the move would improve livestock sector in the area.

He furthermore explained that the council has approximately 129,280 goats, 23,089 sheep, 4,610 hens laying eggs, 678,973 local chickens and 1,087 donkeys.

On his part, Geita District CCM Chairman, Mr Barnabas Mapande directed the agriculture and livestock officers to work closely with farmers and breeders so as to enable more productivity.

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