FROM TABORA WITH LOVE: Dealing with new babies and juvenile delinquencies

Dear nephew Milambo

Greetings from this confused city, where people take pictures of their food before they eat it.

I hope that by the grace of Limatunda you and your family are doing fine under the watchful eyes of the ancestors led by Chief Mirambo himself, and all the people of my beloved Ukumbisiganga.

Here in the big city things are not bad my dear son, we thank Liwelelo for taking good care of me and your aunt.

The weather here is still very tricky my dear son, because for the last two days the rain has decided to take a break, but now the heat is sometimes becoming unbearable.

As I am writing this, I am seated under the tree in our compound wearing just a vest and shorts, because inside the house it is too hot, and to make matters worse there is no electricity.

We were hoping that with all the rain that pounded most parts of the country in the last few days the dam will already be overflowing, because they told us that the current rationing is due to decreased water level at the dam.

My dear son, sometimes living in this confused city can be a torture, because imagine there are times you are in the house, the rain is pounding as if it’s on a wicked mission, and suddenly the electricity goes off.

There are times when the sun is blazing as if it’s trying to smoke someone out, and you are sitting right in front of the fan so that you can cool off, and all of a sudden there is no power.

I usually wonder why people love city life with all these constant challenges, but I think they are used to it, because there is no other explanation.

A few days ago I had just climbed into bed and it was raining cats and dogs, when suddenly there was no power. I was still wondering whether it was only in our house or the whole neighborhood when the dogs started to bark incessantly outside.

I peered out and I confirmed that the whole neighborhood was covered in total darkness, with only the stars trying a gallant effort of giving out light.

The dogs continued to bark loudly, which forced me to get out of bed and look for my flashlight so that I could see what was bothering the animals.

Before I could reach the place where I always place my flashlight, I heard a commotion in my neighbor’s compound and I knew it might be intruders because the occupants of the house were not around.

I sneaked to the cupboard where I usually put my shotgun and reached for the flashlight and tiptoed to the adjoining bedroom with stealth that would have made a veteran Ruga ruga warrior green with envy, I opened the window and directed the flashlight at the neighbor’s house simultaneously.

In a split of a second I saw two young boys trying to pry open the living room window of my neighbor’s house before I fired a single shot which shattered the night silence.

One of the boys jumped so high for a moment I thought he had springs on his feet before letting out a loud scream, begging me not to kill him.

Anyway, they managed to escape but not before I managed to identify one of them, who happens to be the son of a fellow who sells meat on the main road.

That boy is a notorious thief, and on several occasions he has escaped lynching by a whisker, but this time round I am determined to send the boy behind bars, because for a long time he has become a nuisance in the neighborhood.

You know son, family is the fundamental building block of human society. Consequently, the foundation of our nation is only as strong as the country’s families, but there is much to be learned about the effects of family life on delinquency and crime.

Because you are already a father, it is important to know that the home is the natural school for children. It is certainly the first. Through bonding with their parents, children internalize the moral values that are likely to shape their future conduct.

With Yassin, the problem with that boy is not poor parenting, I believe he allowed his moral values to deteriorate when he went to America, but despite his many shortcomings, I can proudly say that my son has never been a thief.

A friend of mine always claim that persons or youth involved in crime have low self-control and a tendency to pursue short-term, immediate pleasures.

Anyway, as I told you before, this time I will make sure that the boy will pay for his crimes, because I was talking to another neighbor who happens to be a police man and he said that although the boy has already run away from home, he will make sure he is caught and brought to justice.

My dear son, this talk about juvenile delinquency has made me to delay telling you the good news, that your new sister is finally in our house.

We went and picked her yesterday to bring her to her new home and family, and I know I don’t need to tell you that your aunt is walking in seventh heaven, because she is extremely happy.

We decided to name the new member of our clan Amani, because I have no doubt that her presence has finally brought peace to your aunt, considering that she has been longing for a baby for a very long time.

I told Yassin a few hours ago and I was surprised because he sounded genuinely happy to finally have a small sister, I think when they come over for the festive season they will get time to bond.

I was talking to your aunt and she suggested that because Yassin and his family are expected to arrive in the country the second week of December, it will be better if you and your family can come over on the same week, so that we can all have enough time to be one big family.

Say hallo to your family my dear son, I can’t wait to see you again, because as a man the presence of a fellow man is very important. May Likube bless you and protect you.

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