Foundation hails Samia’s efforts to empower people with disabilities

THE Foundation for Disability Hope (FDH) has applauded President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan for stepping up interventions to improve their living standards through economic empowerment.

Foundation’s Director and Founder, Mr Maiko Salali, expressed that President Dr Samia has planted a humanitarian seed which will always remain within the hearts of majority of the Tanzanians with disabilities.

Mr Salali said the move by the sixth-phase government to reform the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) has triggered a major boost and a sigh of hope for the people with disabilities, particularly the albinos.

The STAMICO innovated and embarked on manufacturing of Rafiki Briquettes, the environmentally-friendly alternative charcoal which help to reduce cutting down of trees.

“Through introduction of this type of charcoal, most of the people with disabilities have managed to employ themselves in terms of becoming agents, or directly engaging into marketing of such source of energy,” he said.

“The people with skin impairment are the major victims of environmental degradation because excessive cutting down of trees have been exposing them to the direct sunrays, this unfriendly situation often places them to possible chance of suffering from skin cancer,” he expressed.

Mr Salali urged other Institutions from the public and private sector to emulate the good example demonstrated by THE STAMICO to include the people with disabilities in their daily activities.

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