Farmers in Kahama urged to capitalise on training centres

SHINYANGA: Farmers and livestock keepers in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region have been urged to take advantage of the training opportunities to run efficiently agriculture activities at the agricultural training centers to improve their living standards.

Shinyanga Regional Commissioner Ms Christina Mndeme made the call yesterday after receiving 976.5m/- worth two empowerment centers in agriculture and animal keeping sectors built at Mwendakulima and Mondo wards financed Barrick Buzwagi.

He said these centers will not only enable farmers to abandon subsistence farming and livestock keeping and shift to productive farming but also become sources of knowledge for running the two economic activities.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Barrick Buzwagi Mine, for building these facilities which, if used properly, will bring about major changes in the agriculture and livestock keeping sectors,” she said.

She added, “People in these centres will gain knowledge to run productive farming that will ultimately boost their incomes for improved livelihoods,”

Speaking at the event, the Barrick Buzwagi Manager, Ms Rebecca Stephen, said that the works completed in the centers included the construction of classroom buildings, processing buildings, one nursery for each center, a drying plant, agricultural inputs shop.

Others are the purchase of processing machines for rice and sunflower and one tractor per centre.

In addition, he said that since these centers started working, various achievements have been achieved like increase in the yields for maize from 1.5 tonnes to 3.0 tonnes, rice from 2.0 tonnes to 3.0 tonnes.

Also about 4,648 households have been given trained in good agriculture practices through field classes on maize, sunflower, rice and vegetables crops.

Some of the farmers who attended the event thanked the Barrick Buzwagi mine for constructing the empowerment centers for them to acquire knowledge to run their agricultural activities, as well as entrusting them with projects to boost their incomes.

The Barrick Buzwagi mine, which is in the process of closing its operations has designed various sustainable projects to enable the people living in the surroundings continue to earn income in order improve their lives.

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