Experts stress value addition, monitoring in NDV 2050

EXPERTS have ex- pressed hope with the new National Development Vi- sion 2050, calling for integration of research and development organizations with industries to boost value addition and small business for countrywide economic inclusivity.

They called for establish- ment of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) ministry to grow small business in the country which operates un- der the carpet.

The experts were reacting to the research findings’ summary from the assessment of the progress of NDV 2025 which was presented by the Minister of State in the President’s Office ( Planning and Investment), Professor Kitila Mkumbo in Dodoma. Prof Kitila said currently in regard to execution of the NDV 2025 the country’s social services index is bigger than economic index where by the national economic growth in 20 years remained 6 per cent due to among oth- ers more export of raw goods and low contribution of the agro sector to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Economist cum Investment Banker, Dr Hildebrand Shayo said the agro-value addition sector and research and development organizations are not well connected.

“Some of the barriers to necessary outreach operations include a lack of post- harvest and value addition technical specialists and in effective knowledge transfer from research stations to extension agencies.

Throughout the value chain, effective extension and training will be essential to developing capac- ity” Dr Shayo said.

He said there is a need to enhance every facet of agricultural produce with value addition results in higher-quality products and sufficient market demand through resources and the required technical capabilities for consistent meeting market demand for quality and supply.

Dr Shayo said the country’s wealth from mining and agricultural production could eventually increase per capita income growth by up to 2 per cent, provided mac- roeconomic policies are also strengthened by lowering the fiscal deficit in accordance with current plans.

He said in order to achieve the 2050 vision three essential components must be balanced which are environmental preservation, social inclusion, and economic growth as are essential to people’s and societies wellbeing at large.

Business and Entrepre- neurship Expert, Dr Sylvester Jotta said the policy’s implementation of the NDV 2025 has been hindered by a lack of proper monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and a lack of a legal act to rein- force the policy.

“The Small Medium Enterprises (SME) sector’s institutions are weak, fragmented, and uncoordinated, with most programs being ineffective and concentrated in ur- ban areas” Dr Jotta said.

“There is now a need to establish a full-fledged SMEs ministry” Dr Jotta said.

He commended the gov- ernment for establishing industrial support organiza- tions, such as the Small In- dustries Development Organization (SIDO) albeit noting that they still lack adequate equipment, personnel, and operational funds.

“The new Tanzanian vision 2050 should focus on establishing strong, coordinated, and harmonized institutions dealing with SMEs, as well as reviewing all parastatal organizations dealing with SMEs development to deter- mine their value,” he said

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