EU, US hail Samia’s bold move… Wasira, Kimbisa label President as champion of reconciliation

MORE accolades are pouring in to President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her bold decision to lift ban on political rallies and resolve to review the long-awaited constitution, as well as amend some legislation aimed at strengthening democracy.

US Embassy in Tanzania on Thursday tweeted a congratulatory message to the President, the opposition parties and the Tanzanian people on the lifting of the ban on political rallies. “What a great way to start 2023,” read part of the tweet.

Another message came from the European Union (EU). “We congratulate H.E President Samia Suluhu Hassan @SuluhuSamia and the political parties of Tanzania for lift of the prohibition of political rallies by the opposition parties. Another positive step towards an active multiparty democracy,” read the tweet.

The Embassy of Poland in Tanzania and Irish Embassy also extended similar congratulatory messages to President Samia through their twitter accounts.

Earlier yesterday, ruling party CCM Chairperson for Dodoma Region, Adam Kimbisa emphasised the importance of all political parties using the newly restored opportunity to hold political rallies wisely.

He made the call during a press conference in Dar es Salaam to highlight the country’s political situation.

“It is our hope that this opportunity will be used well and will become a springboard to generate better ideas for the development of our nation,” he said.

He added: “We believe that this opportunity will strengthen us in criticising each other constructively, pointing each other in the right direction, reminding each other of our responsibilities and carrying out our daily duties.”

Alhaj Kimbisa hailed Dr Samia for lifting the ban on political rallies, which had been in place for the past six years.

Amid cheers from delegates who attended the historic meeting, the Head of State assured them that the government is determined to review the long-awaited constitution and amend some legislations aimed at strengthening democracy.

He stated that the decision was a continuation of President Samia’s efforts since taking office to strengthen the country’s political environment, including the state of democracy, freedom of expression, and relations between political parties.

“According to the Father of the Nation (Mwalimu Julius Nyerere), four things are required for the country to attain development: land, people, responsible politics, and good governance. President Samia has done three of these things as a result of recent decisions she made during her meeting with 19 political party leaders,” Alhaj Kimbisa stated.

He stated that President Samia has fulfilled the people’s idea, in that her decisions affect all Tanzanians, and the second is responsible politics and good governance. These are the fundamental requirements for the country to progress.

According to him, President Samia’s efforts, intentions, and determination have not only become an important pillar to accelerate the pace of political reconciliation in the country, but have also significantly contributed to lifting the political parties ban that has existed for six years. He said the playing field is now level.

In order to reach all Tanzanians, he said political rallies are important. He said the rallies will help strengthen parties and increase more members.

“We believe that allowing political meetings will strengthen CCM’s political power, expand the scope for members to express their opinions and the opportunity for leaders to publicise more of what the government has done to achieve sustainable development,” Alhaji Kimbisa said.

He promised that CCM Dodoma Region will conduct civilised politics without offensive language or unnecessary protests for the benefit of the nation

In a related development, the Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Coordination and Parliamentary Affairs), Mr George Simbachawene has hailed President Samia’s move, saying it will significantly help bring about political harmony and propel development.

“Lifting ban on political rallies is of great benefit to the nation because it will enable the parties to easily reach out to their members,” he said during a virtual meeting yesterday.

According to him, refined politics will influence development at individual and national level, as well as building national unity and solidarity.

For his part, ex-cabinet minister and veteran politician Mr Stephen Wasira said President Samia has been a champion of reconciliation from day one when she assumed the presidential role.

“She has shown a way to all political leaders that they have the responsibility to fulfill what they promised to their people,” said Mr Wasira, while also underlining the importance of conducting civilised political rallies.

Speaking at State House on Tuesday, President Samia said for Tanzania to continue registering sustainable development, there is a need for civilised political rallies that will serve the greater national interest in all aspects.

She also announced the decision to lift a ban on political rallies, emphasising on the need for political parties to play safe by avoiding inciting violence.

“Both of us (government and political parties) have a role to play, we have to ensure peace is maintained for our sustainable development and the rallies have to be conducted in civilised manners,” she said.

Adding; “We need to have proper politics that will take our country to greater heights, let’s continue having mutual understandings as we are building the same country through different opinions”.

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